Monday, July 18, 2005

And then it's over

Everything has to come to an end but then I'm proud to say that my break was well worth it. I wouldn't be spending it differently if I'll do it again, except, of course, wishing that there was more time. But then again, being seated in front of the computer inside the very familiar Melchor Hall and savoring the chill of the Baguio Climate, kind of allows me to be at peace knowing that again I am to start another semester. Somehow I feel recharged, my optimism has started to increase again and it seems that life goes on and the break is really over.
I had a very nice time meeting my classmates in high school, especially this one odd couple which I will later explain why call them as odd. The guy was my first real friend in Dumaguete City. Being first year high school and not being able to speak cebuano, this person was the very first person who introduced me to Silliman University. Well, from that friendship we started discussing about our beautiful classmates and then suddenly he was paired with this girl who was totally snobbish at that time. Of course so many things happened especially that they became "a couple" for a few seconds and then not saying a word to each other in the next coming years. Fast tracked to 5 years after when all of us were attending college, both of them in Dumaguete while I was in Manila. I suddenly remembered that it was the girl's birthday and so I sent her a card to thank her for a favor she did not so long ago, that began a series of exchange of text messages until suddenly I started teasing her to my long time friend who was her boyfriend for a FEW seconds. After some researching I also got hold of the guy's phone number and in due time I was again teasing him to this girl. Both of them were trying to ignore my "remarks" since both of them had their own relationships. Then fast track again to another 6 years and I see both of them outside a bar smiling and obviously a couple. After 11 years finally, they are together... don't you think that's serendipity? Of course, what makes me share this thing is the fact that I was right all along..... hahaha I just remembered how embarrassed they were when I was recalling the story to both of them while most of their friends who do not know the what happened were giggling and giving them mischevious looks... well serendipity it is....
And then I enjoyed talking to Fourth year students and telling them about the Philippine Military Academy, telling them that the once in a lifetime opportunity that PMA offers to them. I am especially happy when I talked to the Fourth year students of my beloved alma mater, Silliman University High School and being reminded of how I was as a high school student. And of course, I was touched by the way my teacher expressed how proud they were of me being here, perhaps that is the least the we could do to our teachers, go back and tell them that we are doing good with our lives.
Well, I still have so many things to write and I do not think you would be as amazed with all the memories as gathered as I am right now. Well, although it seems that we were ordered to go back here just to post as guards and sleep the whole day, I'm still smiling... hahaha I'm reading the latest Harry Potter and I think I'll be done tommorrow, of course I'm saying now that you won't expect a review of that book in the next Corps Magazine but I'm feeling more of Harry Potter now wondering what my subjects will be and anticipating my next adventures but of course I still have to find out who my HALF BLOOD PRINCE is.... well that's it for now till then....

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