Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just blogging

I just hate it. A while ago I was happy writing about the things that has happened in the past days just about ready to post it when suddenly the browser just closed for no apparent reason. So now I write again, trying to recall the exact thought that I had a while ago hoping to show the same level of energy I had writing my original post. Here it goes...
The Academics has started again. The good thing is that I just received my Dean's List Medallion (applause please!!!). Of course that award was for my performance in last year's third trimester, not the semester with Calculus. Calculus was a challenge for me and I can only smile at the fact that I passed it, but the challenge was enough to deny me of making it to Dean's list again. But still I will gleam with pride wearing my medallion this semester. I also have interesting subjects this semester. I'm now crossing my fingers on the very high possibility that I just might excempt all my subjects this semester. Physics will perhaps try to challenge me but I'm not as worried as that of Calculus. I have Principles of Management, Introduction to Philosphy, Sociology, of course Physics and Leadership 2. I think Leadership 2 will be the most interesting one since it basically deals with what I will become once I graduate from this academy. I like the way my instructor repeatedly says "in the Army" just to show that the Army is where the best leaders are. Sorry for my bias but its just the plain truth hehehe. Anyway, the semester is interesting in every sense and I just hope that all will be well for me.
  • I am now reading Arundhati Roy's God of Small things. I'm somewhere in the part where Rahel, Estha and the others are fetching Sophie Mol in the airport. The book is good, I just love how the author describes the scene very beautifully. Forgive the names though as the author is Indian just allow yourself to be entranced by the storytelling. I'm considering this book for the Corps Magazine but of course I still have to finish it.
  • I already submitted my entry to Ramon Magsaysay Student Essay Competition. I'm actually trying my best now to stop thinking about the contest since my entry is already there but of course, I really like to win. Well, my fingers are crossed.

So that's it for now... ciao

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