Saturday, July 23, 2005

Love affairs of the past

Last night I was with my friend talking about her latest lovelife when suddenly my phone rang, I found out it was a good friend that I had a romantic interest on in some distant past. Anyway, I talked with her on the phone for about 15 minutes and suddenly I was again bursting with ideas about love, romance and all that stuff. This morning I wrote her an e-mail as I can not fully explain my point to her over the phone and then suddenly something escaped my mind that I just like to share.
"Love is not about feeling good over someone or being into some "fairytale" like state, it is realizing that life becomes more meaningful when we go through it, conquering its every obstacle with someone knowing that no matter what happens, that someone will be with you through and through"
They said I am becoming profound well... that could be one... that's all for now I'm still enjoying my remaining hours in freedom.... :P
  • I already read book 6 of Harry Potter... I kind of like idea that the main characters are maturing and having their own love interests, although I hate the fact that one of the most important characters had to die
  • Its an all go for the academics come monday... I just hope I'll make it back to Dean's list this semester...

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