Sunday, August 07, 2005


I have so many deadlines to meet. I did not realize that this was coming but suddenly I was just swarmed with write-ups to submit, projects to make and deadlines to meet. My then simple life, has become so busy that I now wonder if I made all of this to happen. A while ago, I was writing an opinion for the next Corps Magazine, at the same time I am trying to finish the book that will possibly be the one that I will review. I have another write-up about our insurgency that I still have not started plus my projects for my classes. I'm suddenly living a busy life and I wonder if I can go on living like this.

I stopped reading God of Small things when I took a quick glance at another book "Two weeks with my brother" by Nicholas and Micah Sparks. I was totally enthralled with the book that my quick glance ended after reading the whole book. Now, I'm into another book Duty First and I think it will be finished very soon. I also think that this might just be the book that will end up being reviewed for the Corps Magazine come October. Anyway, I'm still having fun reading and sometimes I wonder if I'm able to allocate much time for studying.

There's nothing much really except that I'm quite bored most of the time. I hope I can spend some good time the next few days, I'm even thinking of going on privilege. Well till then....

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