Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It's confirmed

I just tried viewing my hacked friendster account from another account of my classmate and its confirmed some of the entries were altered by the one who accessed it and changed the profile so that I can not access it anymore. The words were changed from the original Anak ng Baka to Anak ng Bakla. Well, I guess that's how fun is for that person. Not so long ago I remembered sharing my accoutn with someone since at that time I can not access my account because of the training. I told the person to check my account for me so that it won't be idle for the next couple of months. When I resumed using the account, I did not bother to change any of my profile settings since I basically felt that there was no need for it. But lo and behold after a conflict that happened recently even my friendster account is undersiege. Imagine how crazy some people's minds are to the point beyond comprehension. Of course I do not worry much on what that person might probably do to that account. The truth is I am more worried with my friends list that I will be losing if I create another account. The person can spread to the whole world na bading ako and that I like men for all I care, if you know me I even tell people sometimes that I am gay just for the heck of it, as if it will change anything about my sexuality. The truth is, one just have to know who they really are and basically no amount of false rumor can change the way they think about themselves. Well, that is just life is, I'm hoping somebody will help me get my account back or the person will realize how shallow the action is and just give me back my friendster account, e-mail mo na lang ako huwag kang mag-alala I am not a vengeful person, I'm way beyond that, I just want to live my life to the fullest, I may have done some stupid things that have affected people but I try my best to be good maybe not in the way that some people think I should. I have my way of doing things and if you're just patient enough to wait then you wouldn't be bannering your stupidity and childish tantrums over the internet for people to see and "appreciate". Well, at least I have my blog account secure perhaps the person can try hacking into this one also and say something like I am gay and all that... as if it matters sige for the fun of it I will say it

ang saya saya..... :)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

posting a comment here is quite pathetic, especially after reading your confused entry. but I can't help it. You probably are not a gay, but you definitely are a COWARD. A lot of men, like you, pretend to admit their faults...then wash their hands...and still continue to lie to the end, in a pathetic attempt to meet a certain goal...such as a mere friendster account. secondly, you probably did something horrible for a person to be so angry at you. and you probably deserve what the person did. let it die man. or better yet leave the net and make productive use of the machismo you seem to claim to have...