Friday, September 23, 2005

It's raining cats and dogs

A while ago I happened to glance the front page of a newspaper and read something about a fallen billboard which interrupted MRT operations for three hours in Manila. I just realized that its not only here in Baguio that has winds this strong but also in Manila. But the way I looked at the picture it seems that it isn't raining, not like here where it is so cold its as if the baguio climate is not enough. In case you people do not know, the BER months signals the start of rising cold in Baguio. Although the peak of the chill happens sometime after the year has ended, the coldness starts to affect me. I do not sweat anymore during the night and I almost do not want to wake up in the morning because the temperature is so much conducive to sleeping. But then it is as if I can sleep all I want so I muster enough strength and do what I have to do.
Last night the cadets from Maritime Academy of the Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) arrived and I just feel like writing in my blog that we have visitors inside barracks. I reckon that they won't enjoy their visit because of the weather but then it is as if it matters to me if they do enjoy their visit to my alma mater. I haven't interacted with them yet except for some hi's and hellos when we meet in the hallway doing our thing.
In more than a month classes will be over and then break will commence. In my class earlier the instructor announced our latest grade and Philosophy is not looking up for me. With 7.7 its so many points shy of exemption. Of course, there's still two unit lessons to go and I really hope that the next lessons willgive me chance to catch up. Well, at least this time I am not confronted with deficiencies that threaten my cadetship. My goal now is really to exempt as much subject as i can so that I will have more free time come finals week and if possible go on early break.
Well, my problems are over (it seems); except for my friendster account which is not much of a problem really, I think all is well in the end. I guess that's how I would pit it right now. Despite of the problems I have encountered, in the past weeks everything just ended well and is looking bright ahead. So that's it for now..... Ciao

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