Sunday, October 09, 2005


I spent the last two days as a participant of this years Inter Company Debate Tournament. I had three debate and sadly, I just almost made it to the semi finals... I mean almost because it was at the tip of my fingers. But then again, the consolation is that after the debate that almost gave me and my partner a semi-final berth, one of the adjudicators (the judges) talked to me and told me that she felt sorry for me because I was good only that I had the misfortune of summarizing a debate that did not present good arguments (I was the Whip by the way - the whip summarizes the debate). I really do feel bad about what happened since I wanted to proceed to the semi finals, I was hoping that at least I could give my company something that they can be proud of, but to no avail I failed. So I retreat to my blog hoping to put out all the emotions that I simply do not want to hold on to. Tommorrow, I go back to the usual routing of classes and all this feelings will just be forgotten... I hope...
Somehow I felt an urge to write a continuation to my short story that was published in the Academic Issue of the Corps Magazine. It's funny how ideas can just come up and somehow lead to something I want. I'll keep on sending this magazines to that girl and just maybe something good will happen out of these stories that I make... hehehe
And so I'll end here for now, tomorrow I will be sending the Corps Magazines that I have to the people that I think deserve to receive it. A few more weeks and I'm going on vacation.....Ciao!!!

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