Monday, October 03, 2005

Just another blog entry

Just this morning I was one of the first in our company to read the news about the cadet who was caught stealing cellphone load from other cadet's cellphone published in today's Philippine Daily Inquirer. Well, it seems that PMA is always in the news these past days and the sad things is that almost all of this news are not that good. Of course, many were not happy about that news item considering that for most of us we consider honor cases secret, we seldom talk about these things among us and we want honor violations dealt with in the most discreet way possible. This is done to save the guilty person the humiliation once he gets out. You see when one is found guilty of an honor violation he is asked to resign from the academy, and this act deems him an honorable person for taking responsibility for his actions. But then again, with this recent media glitz, it will just be a matter of time when the media finds out who the person is and aside from the fact that the person fails to graduate, he has to face the humiliation brought about by various opinions from people who surely do not know much about PMA or the administration of the honor code to its cadets. I, too, do not know who that person is and I really do not want to find out, I'm just happy that the honor code works.
The other sunday, I had the rare opportunity to listen to a very good message in church. The speaker was an invited pastor from the church I was attending way back when I was still a part of the civilian world. I admire the preachers of that church for they really inspire people to follow God. That is what happened to me. You see, I really haven't been a good Christian for a long time now. Suddenly, I just forgot. I realized that I haven't really assessed my faith and the way I am living it especially now that I got what I want and that I am so pre occupied with the things pertaining to cadetship. I remembered several years ago when I simply do not know what to do with my life and all I wanted was to go back to PMA. I used to cry when praying and focused all my efforts into being a good Christian. I was part of the church ministry and I could say I was doing well. When I was a fourthclass, I used to wake upe every 5 in the morning to have my quiet time despite of the hectic schedule as a cadet. Then suddenly, I forgot, I simply haven't realized that I have lost to complacency and getting what I want. The message that I heard led me to recommit myself to the things that I was so committed about. Right now, I could just imagine how much work I should do to go back to the stage where everything depends on the Lord. I hope that the people who are reading this blog will pray for me regarding this things. I realized that despite of the so many issues confronting me, the most important issue is the issue on one's relationship with God. I just had to be reminded.
Well, with barely a month of academics, I think it will just be a breeze. That's it for now....

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