Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Last bastion of decency

I felt so emotional today during one of my classes. It was my leadership class. In this class, we are taught about -- leadership, of course. The subject is some sort of our major subject. Anyway, my instructor, a young army captain who had been in the field was casually telling us his own experiences in the field and relate it to our lessons. We were discussing a topic about Inspirational Leadership when he segued over the topic on the current crisis facing the Philippine Military Academy. As I said in my previous entry, there were all sorts of reaction from all cadets when the story about an honor violation of a first class cadet appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday. That night, our Company Commander briefed us about that news report and he said that the Superintendent, from whose statement the story was taken from did not talk about that case. The truth is the media bloated that whole story from an example given by the Superintendent to make a point regarding the new Honor Code that will soon be implemented here in PMA. What appeared on the papers was a story of an honor violation and that the new Honor System was just a detail. There goes another media blitz all for the sake of readership and in the end the reputation of PMA is damaged. But then again, its not actually a damaging story. I mean, that just goes to show that Character Development in PMA is of great significance. Now going back to my lesson in my Leadership class. My instructor simply said something that gave me more idealism. He said that the reason why all these people are so much interested in destroying PMA is that it is the last bastion of decency in the Armed Forces or better yet of the Philippine Society in general. The rest of our society have not realized that they have succumbed to the ills of our society. They just gave up and allowed this disease to swallow them and consequently perpetuate it. With all the so many issues facing our country today, people wondering who is telling the truth, there is one place where young men and women are trained to live in the highest order of honor and that is why they choose to attack it knowing that inside it's halls the idealism of Integrity, Honor and Ethics flourish. No amount of attack can really destroy the morale of our young minds. Yes, perhaps we really are the last bastion of decency.

"My honor is my life, take my honor and my life is gone"
-William Shakespeare-

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Anonymous said...

hellooooo pma last bastion of decency?????????? madaming gago at mayayabang sa institusyon na yan ah.