Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Past relationships

I was reading a blog of someone I used to be with earlier and I can't help it but to write something about what I read. I do not know how to call the relationship that we had. For one, I felt that it wasn't something that ended well and that even now, there is a certain part of me that kind of regrets being with her. But then reading her blog kind of reminds me of exactly why I feel for her in the first place. I mean, the feeling that you are just so convinced that this person is so fun to be with, that you would want to share youre dreams with her, that you basically want to live life having her with you. Of course, the relationship was concluded in a not so good manner. Things happened and before we knew it we were doing things as if we never really loved each other at all. Now looking back, I coulr just reminisce the things that I liked about the person, at the same time dread how it ended. Every now and then, I think about her, I kind of miss her. I try to picture in my mind the lost treasure that we once cultivated. Every now and then she sends me a text message and its seldom that I reply, but although I do not really want to go back to her at this exact moment, I kind of feel like I lost someone great. There are just some things that we have to do. At the back of my mind I could simply smile about the things that have happened, the wonderful memories. But it's over now, I look forward to what lies ahead of me. Sometimes I find myself lost reading her blog, picturing a wonderful lady that I was once with, remembering the happy moments that we shared, perhaps reliving the smiles that we had a couple. Maybe when I find another girl, I'll try to find something that feels the way I once felt for her. I simply do not know what happens next, I just hope that she becomes happy with her life now and that maybe someday in the future we realize that we have both become better people because of the wonderful experience we had loving each other.

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yeyet said...

i remember more tears than smiles. i hope some good will come out of this too.