Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Plans

Last night while we were practicing the songs that we are going to sing for this year's one 1oo night Show..... ooops.. I haven't posted anything about the show..... well let me explain....
The 100 night show is an annual production conducted by the cadets of the Philippine Military Academy. Traditionally, it is done 100 days before the graduation of the graduating class through the years it has evolved to a production that is also open to the public. This year as always, I'm part of the show as a member of the Glee Club (well that's what I do, walang pakialamanan)
Anyway, as I said, while we were practicing the songs that we are going to sing, I kind of felt eeky as I listen to our songs. Being the cadets that we are, most of the songs were love songs, songs that have become timeless because of the emotions that it evokes. I remembered vividly how wonderful the feeling was while we were singing Pasko na Sinta ko and Kailangan Kita, it adds more to the already piled up emotions that I have been feeling lately. I am so excited to go home for Christmas break, I no longer want to go to Cebu, I think I will have a blast in Manila considering that I have a new pamangkin (grabe hindi ko pa yata nabanggit that my eldest brother's wife gave birth to a daughter) in the person of Beatriz Alynn(I find it weird actually parang mayaman, feeling ko magiging maarte yung pamangkin ko pag tanda). Then plus my new friends that are in Lipa, lakwatsa na naman since I haven't been to Lipa. Atsaka so many things like Christmas naming tatlong magkakapatid which we haven't had since two years ago, this year though feeling ko ako ang magpapakain... Grabe, I feel like crying ang sarap pala ng Christmas. Last year I remembered how kind of sad it was since we were all inside barracks and most of my classmates were shouting merry Christmas at the top of their lungs. Feeling ko this year medyo drama yung Christmas, I mean this is my first Christmas with my family as a cadet yung tipong isang bagay na I prayed and persevered for in the last four years of my life. And then so many things changed already, my eldest brother is now with a wife a an infant daughter, our bunso has graduated from College and is now working, while I'm back in the Philippine Military Academy as a cadet. If you knew how my life is, it wasn't this good for the past how many years. Imagine this:
1999 my mother was dying of cancer and unknowingly it was to be her last Christmas with us.
2000 I ran away from home because I just got discharge from PMA and I was so ashamed of myself, did not know what to do with my life
2001 all we had was one bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas and that was basically it
2002 was with our other family with daddy and our half brothers and sisters which wasn't really that fun
2003 I spent most of the time watching Meteor Garden until early in the morning
2004 I was in between two white sheets enjoying the Baguio Climate away from my family
See, I think this year will be a lot better as in a lot, I'm thinking now of the things like buying gifts for each of my brothers (yung dalawa lang ha), my sister in law, and my pamangkin, and then siguro for myself, and then to my friends. Tapos I will go out with friends and tell them how I appreciated the fact that they were my friends. Grabe na to I'm so in love... well hay nako tama na at magtetext pa ako, I'll start thinking about the things that I will buy.... for the rest of the people.. Merry Christmas na lang.....

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