Friday, January 20, 2006

Difficult times

Today is a difficult time. All cadets were recalled back to PMA because of the current political confusion. With the whole cadet corps intact inside Fort del Pilar, we basically do not know if the rumors are true. Early morning the Commandant of Cadets, who proudly announced that he will be the next Superintendent, talked to us about our roles as cadets and as future leaders of the Armed Forces. His words still ring inside my mind "During dark times, you should be the light, when there is doubt you should be the hope." Strong words coming from an admired General. with the second phase of Intramurals coming up next week plus various personalities visitng PMA over the weekend, it would seem that everything is normal. But then, in an institution where the whole Filipino people expects so much, with its alumni occupying the limelight in the recent destabilization plots either for it or against it, what is really happening?
I do not know. The media has been very strange to me this days. Except for the few occassions that I am able to browse through the news either through the newspaper or over the internet, I do not have a clue. My instructors are telling me stories about the present scenario and I can just imagine. What I do know is that I will only believe my superiors. I can not even text my father to ask about the situation since its unauthorized. But then, I have to make up my mind, I just know that I need to have an opinion on this, not because I want to meddle on these issues but because for me to be able to make a stand, I just have know the details and decide where to put my convictions on. Maybe I'll try to be less serious about these things in the coming days, I just can't help it but wonder how all of these will end. I am looking forward to a lot of things and I just hope God will save my country...

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