Monday, January 02, 2006

Patience is a virtue

I have strange realization recently, I have come to realize how patience can teach a person so much about everything there is to learn about life. It was only now that I learned to overcome being impatient, in previous instances I was patient simply because I did not have the choice. When I wanted to go back to PMA and was "patient" for three years to be able to go back it was as if I can do it faster, I just had to bear with the passing of time hoping that in the end I will get what I want. But in so many instances in my life I haven't really been that patient. In so many other instances in my life, event on major areas, I oftentimes ignored other things and simply wanted to shortcut everything sometimes at the expense of other people's feelings. I do not want to go into the details of these things but my conclusion is that I simply suck at patience.
Last night while waiting for the bus going to Baguio, I sat at Starbucks with my foster sister over some drink and we practically talked about things. We were talking about the things that I did during the break, and at the same time I was sharing my thoughts about so many things. I was telling her that I am being mesmerized by this girl I met and felt really really good talking about it. I recalled the countless times that I just felt lonely and you know what I realized that it was simply because I was impatient. But really what gave me the insight was my conversation with this prostitute I met in Batangas (I am writing one whole article for the Corps Magazine about this "interlude" with this prostitute so I am not giving any details yet especially on the "things" that we did :) ) I was talking to her about the nature of sex. I mean having recently read Paolo Coelho's 11 minutes my insights about sex are still very fresh. I asked her if God really created sex just to satisfy our urges? I told her that my belief on God is someone who was magnificent who was all knowing and I refuse to believe that in all His wisdom and knowledge He simply created the act of sex for the mere satisfaction of our sexual urges. So I concluded it wasn't simply "sex LANG". Any person can not simply reduce the value of sex as simply "lang." Looking into the Bible, there are several conditions that God has specified for two people, man and woman just to be specific, to do the act of sex. And although I can not really answer God's intentions for it, I realized that whatever it is we will only be able to understand it at the precise moment when it is supposed to be done. Again, WE CAN ONLY KNOW WHAT ITS TRUE ESSENCE IF WE EXPERIENCE IT AT THE EXACT MOMENT IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE EXPERIENCED. Later on I realized that it is not just about sex, the rule basically applies to everything that we do. I imagine a person's first salary as a professional, even if a person eventually earn let us say 1 million a day in the future, he will never be able to experience the pleasure or the hype of earning his first salary. With those things in place, I further realized that sometimes the end result is not as important as the journey towards getting it. I mean with most people now, it is always about getting what we want or what we planned to get and they become frustrated over not getting it when they fail. In reality though, there is much to be learned in one's journey towards a certain goal and whether or not we get what we want we will always be victors because the experienced we gained towards that journey will never be replicated and will only be learned at the exact moment it is supposed to be experienced. The bottom line is, patience can really teach a person everything that is to learn about virtue.
Well, that is what I realized this past days and I am really learning patience by doing everything according to how it is supposed to be done knowing that I will never be able to experience what really is in store for me if I rush things up. Well that's it.... Good Day people

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