Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another tough day

I thought the day today was to be very bad. I woke up 10 minutes before morning mess (breakfast) beating the buzzer dressing up and rushing to the formation area when the uniform is BDA (its the one you people usually call fatigues and the thing with this uniform is that it takes time to wear it since the combat boots takes time to tie). I was almost late and then I saw the plebe that I hated also almost late when he should have been in formation 30 minutes before plus the fact that he had a compliance to me that he ignored. And then in the mess hall he does it again and I'm beginning to think that hazing was fine. It was a good thing that a classmate stopped me from doing anything. Waking up in the wrong side of the bed usually sucks up all your patience. And then comes economics class where I thought I was to be given a zero grade for a major exam that I still haven't taken. My instructor was not looking at me and I hate it because it seems that my fears were true. Well, at the end of the subject she told me that I can still take the missed exam only that I was to be given a delinquency report for not taking the exam immediately. That was in fact my first sign of relief and I thought it was to be a bad day. Then in my Physics class the major exam results were given and I had a 16.7 out of 20 which was good by the way then had a lesson exam that I knew I had a good score. Then I went on drill this afternoon again seeing the plebe that I hated but luckily I made it through the day without doing anything bad to him.
I was just trying to relate my day, it was fun though as I sit now in front of the computer recalling what happened. I had a variety of emotions in one day plus the so many letters that I made earlier which somehow eased out some of my unexpressed emotions. All in all it was a good day.
My mind is dry now I'll stop writing, I have a long study period ahead of me with two papers to be submitted tomorrow. I just hope I can sleep early so that I can wake up early the next day.....

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