Friday, February 24, 2006

Coup??? Ngeks!!!

This morning in my Political Science Class my instructor told the class that double red alert has been declared in Manila and that there is a state of emergency. Then as I scan the news today some officers has been placed in custody on alleged coup attempts. Then just a few minutes ago, our Superintendent talked to us and informed us about the developments in manila and also to check our morale. So I'm writing this post to say what I have to say about this things.
As I read the news in another window as of this writing, two senior officers were taken into custody. One was the Commander of the First Scout Ranger Regiment BGen Lim and the other was a Marine Brigade Commander Colonel Querubin. Several months ago, I remembered that we gave a testimonial parade to Gen Lim for his promotion to the star rank and if I am not mistaken Colonel Querubin is my father's classmate who was a medal of valor awardee. I'm just not sure if my information is correct but if I am not mistaken this two officers are highly decorated and very much respected. Gen Lim went to PMA but graduated at the United States Military Academy in WestPoint, he is in fact the first member of his class to be promoted to the star rank and is the commander of the Rangers which is considered a highly trained elite unit of the Army. Then Col Querubin who simply for the fact that he has a medal of valor simply says so much. The medal, in fact, distinguishes him as a hero of the land, someone who has given our country so much pride. So now I wonder, what is happening?
The Superintendent informed us that we are not overly concerned. For one, we are not a tactical unit, we are in fact a training insitution and so we are not a potential target. He said that the media is bound to exagerrate the things that happen here in PMA to create a hype of the whole situation. Believe it or not the media has been so unfair to PMA. Last weekend, when we had our Alumni Homecoming, the media said that many of the cavaliers (that is what we call a PMA graduate) were in red when in fact there was only one class that I remembered who were wearing red and they weren't in fact wearing all red, they just wore caps that was very bright red and it did stand out plus it was nice to see especially when they were consolidated in one area. Hello, it is part of the tradition here that each class distinguish themselves and certainly there is nothing wrong to a class who decides to wear red caps for them to be noticed. And then the next day the media reported a bomb found in our vicinity claiming that it was supposed to be directed to ruin all the celebration in the Homecoming. But then they simply do not want to find out the whole story, they just report because a bomb in PMA is in fact interesting. But it was entirely wrong, it wasn't a bomb it was a bag purposedly placed there to check the preparedness of PMA in crisis situation. We do that here all the time we even have fire drills every now and then even in the wee hours of the morning. We have to be prepared especially when we expect no less than the President to grace the graduation ceremonies on 25 March.... hay nako ang media talaga....
So what is the real score here in PMA? We have a cultural presentation tonight from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. And then tomorrow we have the regular parade and then for my company we will move to another barracks.... wait wait we will move to our newly renovated, now-tiled barracks with all the beautiful NEW lockers and white walls hahaha.... the others might go on privilege and maybe watch a movie at SM as for me, maybe I'll sleep the whole afternoon or maybe text my friends. So to answer the question, what more can I say... everything is normal and we are in high spirits. I assure you people not to worry, the cadets in PMA are very well taken cared of by the Superintendent and you can be confident that when we graduate we will not be the ones who will bring headaches to the government... Para sa bayan lahat to :)

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