Sunday, February 26, 2006

In light of all the chaos

Last night, a friend sent me this message "Kamusta na ba ang sundalo dyan sa PMA" I told her the things that I already wrote here but then I asked her what is happening in Manila considering that we do not have that much access to information. She then revealed to me the many arrests that were made on military officers, media men and known GMA oppositionists. So after a very hectic day today, I set out to read the news in the internet and what I read surprised me more. My God, this is really something. As of this point I know what I have to do but then I just have to say my opinions in the light of all the chaos.
A while ago, I sent a friendster message to another friend saying that my hope for a vacation next month seems to disappear as Manila becomes more and more chaotic. I even commented "Grabe apektado na buhay ko ng political stability ng bayan." But really it is and in as much as I do not want to be affected I am. My friend ask me "kailan kaya matatapos lahat to" and without blinking and eye I said "siguro pag iba na ang presidente." Well that's what I think really. The stand-off in Fort Bonifacio is not just some show to ruin everything. Let me present some of the things that I know. In as much as I do not like joining the Marines I admire the fact that they are the most cohesive organization in the Armed Forces. Trust me on this, even here in PMA, we joke that the Marines do not use their brains in fighting the enemy, in short BOBO but when it comes to Esprit de Corps, its the Marines that has it all. Their loyalty to their superiors is something that even I can not understand. When they follow their leaders they do it all the way, in fact that is something that I want to have when I have my own unit also. Now here comes Col. Querubin, a marine officer to top it all he was awarded the highest military award, the Medal of Valor. I don't think most people know this but when a soldier receives the award, he is in fact considered a Hero of the land... as in HERO the likes of Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacion and others whose exploits we want to emulate and idolize. Now, a Hero in a very cohesive organization, what does that tell you? Surely its a stand-off. It is a stand-off between the chain of command versus the true sentiments of a full blooded Marine. And mind you this is not something that is easy to pacify. You do the thinking.
Now, there are also other things that we have to put into consideration over all the things that are happening. First, why is it that high-ranking officers (Generals at that) withdrawing support from the President? How come the timing is so perfect: after Oakwood officers escaping, then the civil disobedience, now senior officers withdrawing support? There are just so many things that are happening and all these play in my mind to think I do not know much of what is really happening. But I remember something that one officer that I truly admire told me, the Government is established by God and anyone who opposes it opposes God. Well people might think that God is not part of all this bruhaha that is happening in our country and if we just try to dissect the whole thing its actually the absence of God that caused all these. Well, I submit to the wisdom of my superiors here in PMA and I could still here the Superintendent's voice ringing in my mind "Your job here is to study and that is what you should do, leave politics to the politicians".... well speaking of study, I just have to start doing my assignments now.....

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