Sunday, February 12, 2006

We Won!!!

I just arrived from Naga City and the good news is We won... overwhelmingly at that. The Corps Magazine won 7 out of the 8 awards given in the Magazine Category of the 5th Luzon-wide Higher Education Press Conference. I also won 10th Place in my individual writing category that is Feature Writing in English, well not bad for a first timer and definitely not a bad finish considering that it is Luzon-wide but then there is always room for improvement.

Now is not the time to write so much really about the event because honestly I have so many things to write about the event and I do not know how to begin. First, it was a worthwhile experience considering that we practically had a vacation for one whole week in Naga coming back to PMA as heroes. Then I have new friends from Baguio, other writers that composed the Cordillera Contingent that competed in Naga some of which really have become good friends in the few days that we were together as part of one group. And then there is this conflict that with the lady friend that I just recently find out. I mean its sad that you find out that something is wrong in the few opportunities that you get to see each other. I was excited going to Naga to see her, in fact I was more excited to see her than actually competing and joining the press conference. When I saw her I just was, as usual, awed... she was simply so beautiful, I could feel my heart trying to leap out of my chest. But then there was silence and I learned that when she doesn't want to be bothered, just do not bother her which I did. But then time was passing and I was really hoping to just chat up with her just spend some time only to find out that I offended her in my last correspondence. The next day, I walked around the Public Market trying to think about things. When the sun has not really came out yet, I was just walking around finally realizing that it was God's way of telling me something and I just have to accept my fate... sad. When I won my individual competition, I was happy deep side I texted people, my father some friends and then I looked at her, she waved, smiled and said congratulations which was lame by the way. I went up back to our hotel room, went inside the room and wept. I just felt how sad it is for good things to happen and not share it with people you care. But then I felt that maybe I gave justice to the prostitute that I wrote about (that you still have to know what really happened) which won the award maybe her story was indeed worth reading and writing about. But what made me really sad was because it was something that I did for her and to other woman whose mere presence will just calm my soul. I wrote so well about that story because it occupied the inner depths of my soul dedicated to a woman who in some way has just made such a magnanimous impact in my very existence.

Well, I said I will not write about the experience now but I just did, I just can't help it but I'm still smiling, all these things happen for a reason and maybe in time I will understand this reason. Nevertheless, we won and the pressure builds on for next year but who cares a writer writes not because of competition but because it is the only way to exist... I guess that's just how it is and I thank God He gave me such a beautiful gift.

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Anonymous said...

alex, palagi kong nakakalimutan, plus i do not want to make kulit even sa mga foster sons namin, kaya sa yo na lang... :)
do you have an extra copy of the last issue ng corps mag? we usually receive multiple copies, pero for some reason, isa lang talaga ang nakaalalang magbigay sa min.. :(
okay lang sana yun..i could have added it sa stack of corps mag issues dito sa study table (by the way, ang gandang i-observe ng 'evolution' ng corps mag)... kaya lang, because it was so good (very impressive ang layout and articles),i gave it to eman and told him to share it with his mistah sa battalion...
if i don't get a copy of that, yun ang magiging 'missing link' sa evolution... :)
-tita liza