Saturday, March 11, 2006

Active waiting

In a public forum I frequently visit, one thread introduced the concept of Active waiting. It was a thread about singlehood and what people should do. That is the topic I will be blogging about.
I do not know if this is true to everyone in this generation but I observed that people has been preoccupied with finding "the one." I have observed that for most people, their motivation in life has always been related to finding the right partner. From the way they dress, the kind of jobs they take, the kind of people they hang out with, all of these seems to be directed towards the goal of finding a mate. Personally, that is how I believe that so many opinions regarding the matter aroused, primarily because everybody is interested.
I have to say that I am no expert in the matter also. Honestly, I am a novice in this area, what I will be presenting are merely observations and deductions that I made based on what my belief on things are. I am proud to say that I was blessed with a mother (may she rest in peace) who cultivated my self esteem early on. As a young boy, I was stubborn, but I always speak my mind and most of the time its hard to convince me otherwise. Growing up, I have somewhat learned things on my own such that in time, I have developed this personality that I do not need to prove anything to anybody. To a certain extent, that wouldn't be easy but I was just being myself, I did not care much about how people think. Later on, I realized that sometimes I also have to be considerate, so I also tried to learn this "skill." Honestly, I am one person who is so bad at sensitivity, not because I simply do not care but because I just have so much confidence on my ideas that sometimes I forget that other people have their own idea also. And so in the area of singlehood, my firm belief is that there will just come a time that you will realize that somebody is so perfect and that she will sweep you off your feet, and that it will be for that reason that you will find out more and then so on finally culminating in realizing that life can't be better without the person. When I became a Christian I learned that praying for it is important. At this point, the more that I understand that if there is one area in our life that we need to surrender to God, its definitely relationships, romantic relationships to be exact. I feel that if we do not allow God to bless such relationship we will never be assured of it becoming successful.
And so in the concept of active waiting, it is basically being active meaning constantly looking out but really waiting for God's whisper to do what should be done. I am saying that we should not based this things on what we feel but rather in listening to what our heart tells us. Don't be confused, I really think that what we feel and what our heart says are two different things. Sometimes our heart tells us to do things even if it doesn't feel right. Of course, it takes time to develop this ability to distinguish the two but really, when we are sensitive enough we can hear our heart's whispers. I believe that these whispers are from God and that they direct us what to do. Oftentimes these are things that seems impossible to achieve but I realized that these are also opportunities for God to reveal himself to each of us.
The reason why I wrote that is that I simply wanted to share something that I feel is relevant to this generation. I had one person tell me that when we want something in our life, we grab every opportunity to get it. Before, that was how I see it, but now its not, I just believe that our existence is part of a plan that is orchestrated by a supreme being and unless we submit to that plan we can never really enjoy this life to the fullest. I believe that the concept of active waiting, allows God to play a role in our lives rather than just calling on Him when we have problems or when we are already in trouble. The secret to living is letting God be part of our lives... well that's what I think.... tell me yours...

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