Monday, March 13, 2006

I thought blogging can't be done in Finals

Yes, people its finals week and I just came from Extra Instruction (we call it EI for short) in Physics. The thing with this subject is that its so easy and I wonder why I am even taking the finals for this one. I realized that I wasn't really listening that much to class especially that I am seated at the back with a failing eyesight. The reveiewing was a good one and I am believing that I can perfect tomorrow's exam just to catch up with the grades I lost due to my little vacation in Naga. And then everyone is surprised that I am taking the finals in Speech, imagine Cadet Cabales taking finals in a subject that he is known to ace by almost everyone who knows him. But then again being in the exemption list does not necessarily mean that you are good at the subject, it just means that your GRADES were good in the subject. Well, I guess this semeseter is just another learning experience. My Dean's list medallion will not be seen somewhere near my chest next year, I think I will just put it near my OTHER medals... hahaha akala nyo ha marami kaya akong medals :)
Last night, I was asked by the class president of the graduating class to edit their Class History to be printed in the yearbook and the Graduation issue of the Corps Magazine. he gave specific instruction that I improve the write-up (pagandahin ko daw, sabi nya). When I read the write-up it was bad, really bad and boring. I am not saying that I am expert in the area but I can very well identify a good literary piece from a bad one. It was a monotony of events that happened to their class with no emotional appeal and one can not just see the relevance of everything that was written. I wrote a long note in the end, said my comments and other opinions and then gave it back to the writer. I am now wondering what the reaction is considering that I bluntly said that the write-up is not worthy for publication plus the fact that the writer is my upperclass. Well, at least now they know that the next they make me edit something it must be good. I'm sorry for being arrogant but you just have to read the write-up to believe me. Hey, considering that I am the Historian of my class, I think my opinion is valid, its not a case of argumentum ad vericundiam (is that the correct spelling?) I do know what I am saying when I gave back the piece, but of course I am still hoping that they will have me edit an improved version anytime during the week.
Today is the 7th death anniversary of a cousin. He was my favorite cousin with whom I had so much fun while studying at Dumaguete. It was with him that I learned to value happiness in its simplest form and spending time with friends. You see, no matter the situation is the friends you have really spell out the difference, you should just try it. Ian Fortugaleza is surely missed.
So basically life is normal. I have two exams tomorrow: speech and physics. Later today, I will start reading on the basic steps in speechmaking... naks its funny how I find studying for speech surreal.
Last night also, the good friend that made "tampo" on me sent me a message. After sometime we started asking questions about each other's life. I proudly announced to her that my crush last year is single again. I do not know what happened to her boyfriend but the news is she is single again. I think you can read about her in my entries sometime in March and April of last year. She is also the subject of the short story (Open Call) that was published in the Corps Magazine's Academic Issue last year. I am not really happy about her recent reentry to single blessedness, I think the proper word to describe my reaction is uninterested. Initially, upon learning about the news, I was like "OWS??" She is actually a good catch if I may say. She is now in Law School in UP and graduated from Ateneo, plus the fact that she is so beautiful and listen to this RICH as in really rich. My friend and I call her 3M for maganda, mayaman at mabait. That is just something I wanted to share. And then my friend asks me about this other girl, as she would put it, "na kinahuhumalingan ko" these days. I realized that the reason why I am not so interested with 3M is maybe because I just moved on to a better girl, not because she is richer, more beautiful but as I would put it because "she calms my soul."... I do not know, I may just be imagining things considering that she is just so silent but then that's what I feel at the moment. I do not understand why but its just that way, maybe in time I will be able to understand it but in the meantime I am following my heart.
Well, I have to go now... till then

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