Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I do not know if those who come to this website have noticed this but I have added several things in this website that you might want to be aware of. As I said before, I listed this website in Pinoy Top Blogs and I must say a lot of traffic is coming in something like in the first 5 days there were 110 unique hits on this site its now on rank 409... not bad considering that its only in the list for 5 days and the others have been there for about a month now... but I hope people who read and enjoy this site will also tell their friends about it. I also hope that you put your comments in the chatbox on the side or better yet click the icon on the side and vote for this site.... Well, I have to go now, I still have to tidy up my uniform for my evening mess (that's dinner by the way).... I'll just write something later....... I love you people

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