Saturday, May 27, 2006

Here's the real update with a sense

Sabi ko kanina wala akong maisip na isulat, ngayon meron na kaya I am writing before the ideas ran out.

While I was walking towards the barracks this afternoon, I suddenly realized that my dresscoat now has a chevron. For those people who is not aware what a chevron is, it is that thing that we have in our uniforms to signify our present ranks in the Corps. Mine is a sergeant the highest I'll ever get as a second class cadet. Surprisingly this is also the first time that I get to wear one. The thing is that as I was walking and noticed the difference in my uniform now, I just realized how time flew so fast. Imagine this, I am now a squad leader to seven plebes. Its a wonder that despite of the fact that all of them are over the age of 17, they seem to be little children who believes everything that I say. Their fascination to the things that I tell them is just so enchanting that I can not help it but continue to do what I do. To these seven individuals, I control their world, I tell them what to do, how to do it and when to do it. I basically own them. See how time flies so fast. Last year, I was thrilled with having a fourthclass buddy. I was so glad that finally I am able to have someone to teach and to train the way I want it to be. At that time, I do not have so much freedom, I was limited to very minimal instructions and role modeling. I was very contented then. I felt that it was such an overwhelming feeling. But now, what more can I ask-- I have seven. The thing is I exercise more authority over these seven individuals. I practically dictate if they will survive the summer camp. The bottom line is things just happen so fast that by the time I realize it I might just leave PMA and off to the real world and fight the real war out there. Yes, the inevitable is obvious, we will all get old. The things that we hate now will just become memories that we will laugh about and wonder why we even bothered to consider it a problem in the first place. The things that we cherish will become lasting reminders of the beautiful life we are living... and of course our dreams will become nearer and nearer to reality. Several years ago I was a young man of 17 wanting to go to PMA. Then I became a depressed young man who was discharged from the Academy and felt that life is just so bad. Then I became an excited fourth class who just wanted to go back to PMA and continue what I have started. Then I was a yearling praying and studying hard to pass Calculus. And now I am a squad leader to seven young plebes whose cadetship depends on how I train and mold them. What's next? Well I can just imagine, what I am sure of is that it will just get better and better....

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