Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Missing People

Academics has begun. I just hurdled to orientati0n on the subjects I will be taking for this semester and somehow I think I can relax a bit and still get good grades. With me being a secondclass now I kind of have a more relaxed environment compared to the previous years. Except for the plebes who constantly occupy me, the rest is just a breeze and friendster is starting to make me miss people. Just a while ago I was browsing through pictures in my high school classmate's account and I sure did feel so alone here in Baguio. I'm beginning to like the idea of spending my next break in Dumaguete especially after hearing stories from my upperclass who went to Dumaguete last Independence Day. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe they will allow cadets to facilitate the entrance exam this year, I will sure do everything just to be allowed to go to Dumaguete. And so I just release all this feelin in this blog just as I always do when I feel this way... well I just have to deal with my situation, maybe smile every now and then but still I miss the people.

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