Thursday, June 22, 2006

New people I met

At around 3 am the other day, my cellphone received a business card from someone I do not know. The number was a she and after saving it, I just didn't bother anymore. A few moments the owner of the number rung me and so I sent a message asking who she is. To make the long story short she agreed to come to PMA and meet me personally bringing with her food that I like(some things really never change, nagpapalibre pa rin ako... hehehe). And so we talked for several hours about things in our lives. The things that she shared gave me new insights that I would like to share in this blog.
I was never always a good boy. I mean there was a point in my life when I tried doing things that if I continued to do would have destroyed my future. And so as she shared to me her life, the bad things that I did before seemed to go back to my memories. Somehow, I felt that I had to share to her the lessons that I learned during my own mischievous episode hoping that I can prevent her from wasting a part of her life. But as we went on with our conversation, I also realized that there are just things in every person's life that has to happen for that person to understand. Inasmuch as I want to help her, it was simply not my call to tell her what to do, I just have to allow her to go through the process just I went through my own process.
Its a wonder why sometimes we just have to watch people get hurt for us to be able to help them. I realized now that to a certain extent protection is not always the solution to a problem. As each of us go through our life we learn from our experiences, sometimes from others' experiences. But I know that everyone will agree that the best lessons in our life are those whose wounds we actually felt and whose solution we figured out ourselves.
Well, thats it for now, I will just write some more the next time around

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