Tuesday, June 13, 2006

People and more people

Hindi ko naman talaga alam ano isusulat ko... ano ba bago. Basta I realized that I just wanted to play with the keyboard as I find myself alone on my break. Although my phone is very busy with so many friends asking me out, I don't seem to like accepting their invitation. I just wanted to talk and the one person that I really wanted to talk to has a meeting so she's out, in the end malamang I will spend the night "socializing" with people who seems to love me because I am some cadet from the Philippine Military Academy. They will barrage me questions about PMA, whether there is maltreatment, how are the females treated and all other questions that never seem to ran out from the curious minds of so many individuals. Of course not all of them are like that but I'm just preparing myself to create the wonderful image expected of a PMA cadet once I meet them later tonight. I actually have somehow made up my mind to go with someone and has asked another lady friend to chaperone me. I do not know what will happen, I'm in tshirt and jeans so we'll just see.
Once I go back to Baguio tommorrow, I will join another company as a reasult of the realignment. Of course I felt bad having to leave my company and then adjust again to the new group of cadets I will be living with hopefull for the remaining two years of my cadetship. But I have always allowed reason to guide me and although the feeling is not good I still submit that my superiors knew what they were doing for implementing such a policy, I just hope I'll cope up with these new changes soon.
Ano pa ba???
Ayoko talagang mag pakaserious muna, naubos na yata sa article ko sa Corps Mag ah basta all is well and I am looking forward to the regular corps now with two stripes on my shoulder and hopefully as a squad leader.... Grabe naalala ko tuloy yung crush ko na hindi ko nasulatan... hmmmph... that gives me an idea... sige na babush

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