Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gael's Letters makes me want to cry

I want to cry at this moment. I was just surfing around passing not really knowing what to do even if I have a major exam tomorrow plus an assignment to write, eh sa talagang wala ako sa mood mag-aral eh. So I decided to just go through different blogs and I chanced upon this blog that just makes me cry. Basically, the blog is for the author's son, some sort of mommy's letter. It becomes a journal of the many things that happen, including frustrations, joys, excitement and all other emotions. Reading it, love just overflows for this young boy. It kind of reminds me of Daddy's diary from the year 1977 that I found so many years back. Before that, I always felt that he did not love me that much but reading that, I have the same feeling that I feel now. I think that for a child to be truly confident about himself he should feel loved and with the blog even if I am not the child I could really sense this aura of love. I'm not being sentimental really, the blog really just got me...

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