Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Amusing Blogs: Bananaspin

Hanna is my friend. I guess even if we only saw each other for about 5 times we are by all means friends. Her blog is Bananaspin, she does not update as often as I do but she does write some interesting things every now and then. Like this time she wrote about her Discovery Weekend with her soon to be husband and somehow I just can't help it but cry. Not because her story is so sad but because her story is so good that I wish I had the same. Amusing is not exactly the word to describe her blog, it's more like my blog, very personal, straight from the heart. Just forgive my choice of word because I have always used Amusing as a safe way to say that there is something in this blogs that I feature. Nonetheless, Hanna is a great person with a big heart and her blog reveals that... enjoy reading

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