Thursday, August 10, 2006

I choose to define myself

How many of us bother to define ourselves and stand by it? The recent attack on my precious blog somehow led me to conclude not many, at least in the Philippine Military Academy. We claim that we are the best and the brightest, the future leaders of the land yet we never bother to analyze the truth behind it... or is it just a perception that we try to ride on, take advantage of simply because we are the so called cadets of the Philippine Military Academy.
For the purpose of academic discussion, let me discuss the things that I know about how things are supposed to be done and how people of my institution act. This is not some expert opinion, I may be wrong, but this is just an analysis of why people act the way they are and why it shouldn't be the case.
As early as plebe year (first year) the message is clear, obedience is paramount. As a plebe you are expected to carry out all orders coming from your chain of command and not question it. When you become a yearling (second year) you are given responsibilities and no matter how obedience was emphasized the year before, it can not be the case for you know that you are required to accomplish a certain task. As a secondclass (third year) the responsibility becomes greater for now you are entrusted with the training of the underclass cadets. Finally, when you become a firstie (fourth year) the whole organization revolves around how you want things to be done.
The significant difference in all the levels as a cadet is basically on the amount of responsibility that you are entrusted with. At the lowest level when your responsibility is basically to see to it that you survive training, following is the best way to do it. But in the succeeding years, choices had to be made and you must define yourself. If not, you will be swallowed by the system and you will never learn to do what you are supposed to do. So the question goes, how does waiting until you become fit in? You wait because at each level responsibility gradually increases. You wait for the time where you will be able to stand up for your principles and correct what you find wrong and do the right thing. To do the wrong thing even if you know that it is wrong is simply stupidity and obviously a betrayal of what we have learned as cadets. In the end, it is not really about adapting to the system but making a difference within the system. We are the best because we are SUPPOSED to be the light inside the system that has been constantly plagued by corruption. We are leaders because we are to lead our subordinates in what is supposed to be done and not just accept what has been handed down to us by our predecessors. We are leaders because we owe it to the Filipino people.
Like many of the people out there, even non cadets, I too am uncertain of the things ahead. I, too, hope that what I do now will prepare me for the greater challenges afterwards. But I stand on what I do know. I stand on the reality of the situation I am in and do what I think I should do. I do not judge people because that is how the perceive things, but simply because we do not agree on our perception does not necessarily mean that the other is wrong, for all we know we may all be right... or wrong. History will judge our actions now and I am believing that history will judge me fairly.
To my critiques, if you do not agree with me, so be it, do what you are supposed to do, you do not own me so do not control me, don't read what I write, don't visit my blog and if you want to launch a campaign against my blog-- do it, harrassing me is simply being coward... I'm sorry but that is just how it is. Kayo lang din ang maeendorse...

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