Saturday, August 26, 2006

The rain and being quiet and hopeful

How do you explain waking up with a headache after being tired from all the preparations for inspection and then waking up 3 hours after? I felt something was wrong with me, something bad just happens when we overdo things even sleeping. And so even I chose to go to the computer to pass the time just to avoid sleeping again.
The day was normal except for the weather just did not start right. I thought the whole day would be sunshine since the morning was very nice with the sun coming out for the first time after several weeks of rain. But then as afternoon came, rain started to pour again as if the sky hated the fact that it allowed some sunshine during the morning. I hate the timing since if the rain was in the morning then the parade would have cancelled and I would be spared of standing for too long in the Borromeo Field with all the mud because of the never ending rain. But the good thing about the rain in the afternoon was that sleeping became so good to the point that I overslept and woke up with a headache. To some extent the rain can be good only if it stops once in a while.
And so I begin with the bulk of today's entry. Last night I was reading my daily devotional. It was about some writer in history that described the early Christians as a quiet and hopeful people. Quiet and hopeful may not be something that is admirable this days but that description struck me. Today's culture somehow has this inclination into admiring a group that is rich, fashionable or in a broader sense IN (whatever that means to people). That part in the devotional was about fruits of the spirit namely: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, long-suffering, faithfulness, kindness, and self control. It said that it was because of this fruits that the early Christians came to be known as a quiet and hopeful people. I guess that still doesn't make sense. Let me put things in perspective. First let us all remember that the early Christians were persecuted for what they believed in, yet they managed to be quiet and hopeful, ironic isn't it? If we try to think of the tremendous odds they were faced at that time, their group was large enough to at least protect themselves, show that they are something, yet they chose to be Quiet and Hopeful. I just realized that although we do not think highly of people who are quiet and hopeful, these two characteristics might just spell the difference between problematic people and people who are very much contented and above all happy. My realization last night was something that people might not look up to when faced with odds that seem to be insurmountable, yet by choosing to be quiet and hopeful spells out a very big difference. Just think about it.
Well, I'm ending this entry now I still have a lot of things in my mind but I'll just reserve it for next time. Thank you very much to all the people who sent in their messages.

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