Friday, August 11, 2006

Sad thigns that happen and the reaction

I am sorry to stir up various opinions in the things that I write, I do not wish to be confrontational so I let it be, let us just respect that we do not believe on the same things. The whole point is if you do not agree with what I write, then don't read it, I do not wish to continously defend myself and betray the REAL reason why this blog exists. This is first and foremost a personal blog not some literary folio that espouses idealism, I am ideal but that is not the whole point.
I wanted to vent out my frustration of a recent thing that happened to me, not about this blog but about what happened to me in real life. As I was walking towards the computer laboratory I was just plain and simple, sad. I was sad because I feel that my life is hanging on to something that is so fragile. I realize now that I can not divulge all the details but the situation is just so frustrating, again it is not because of the reactions on this blog its on my life. I thought that everything was very fine, things are happening the way it should be and life was normal and then it changed like a snap of a finger.
I was tired, after enduring many kilometers of running early in the morning, I just wanted to sleep. When one becomes really tired, the tendency is to become careless and as I doze off, I forgot to fix something and then all hell broke loose. Suddenly I find myself contemplating on what to do to fix the situation, but to no avail, all I can do is to hope for the best. Life can provide some twist that we never really do not expect. Sometimes, when we think that life is happening the way we thought it should, we become stupid and then we fall. That is how it happened, and in the next succeeding days I will wait closely what the effect of my stupidity will make out of me. I will just wait... and hope and hope some more.
Again people, I appeal to those who visit my site, I am not forcing you to believe on what I write, if we happen to have differences on ideas it does not make any of us lesser of a person, we are still who we are. If you read what I write, do not harrass me because I did not force you to read it, the best that you can do is to consider my point, if you think it is some useless crap then forget about what you read, now if you really really feel that you should react, write something after the article we call COMMENTS... that the reason why its there. If you still can not sleep at night then launch a hate campaign against me. The whole point of this is expression, just as I will allow you to express yourself, then give me the same respect please... I beg you.... please please

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