Thursday, August 24, 2006

The things that are happening

It took sometime for me to log-in. I had to find some way because the log-in page is just not loading. But anyway I am here now writing my piece.

A lot of things are happening right now. We are in the news again for the nth time and I do not want to comment about it let's leave the issue as it is. Anyway last weekend, Ces Drilon went here to cover one area in our training. We were not specifically told what it is but I reckon it was something related to Physical Development. We were given instruction to answer only questions related to this subject. With that in mind I began making mock interviews on the other cadets. I told them to imagine that I was a reporter, the mock interview goes like this:
Me: Cadet *_* ano ang masasabi mo sa relasyong Diether Ocampo at Kristine Hermosa?
Cadet *_*: Aba Maganda yan, ang feeling ko bagay sila.
Me: Mali ka di'ba ang sabi we are not to answer any question that is not related to Physical Development?
I asked several others and they all seem to be very interested to voice out their sentiments on the question I raised. I then started telling them that in year 2000, Kristine Hermosa was commissioned muse of PMA for the Baguio Educational Athletic League (its BBEAL now with the entry of Benguet State University to the League). That was the time when PMA still had money to pay actresses to become our muse. The year before that was Sunshine Cruz which was the height of her popularity brought about by movies like Ang Kabit ni Mrs. Montero with Edu Manzano and Gardo Versoza, and Ekis with Albert Martinez. That was before she was with Cesar Montano. I could remember it very clearly because my brother (who was a third year then) was one of the escorts and he showed me his picture with the actress. Of course, PMA now is more practical that was before the austerity measures were undertaken. In the last opening of the BBEAL that we hosted, the muses were our female cadets. I think that its better not only that it save us a lot of money but the muse also exemplifies the school that she represents, I don't think the likes of Kristine Hermosa or Sunshine Cruz can run 3.2 kilometers in less than 17 minutes.
Let me now explain my reason for removing my shout box. The reason I placed it there is to make the site interactive. When it first appeared there were a lot of reactions that made me improve in the way I write and other informations people want to know. Sadly, at the onset of people who do not like my ideas, it has instead become their way of expressing their gripes which sad to say are totally baseless. I guess some of them know me from before, the one who was discharged for "possessing unwanted traits and habits." That isn't something that I am proud of what I am proud of is what happened after that. I was then a young 17 year old with no care in the world who thought that life was something that came naturally. That story is of the past and has taught me lessons that I value now. The point is this the choose to attack me on the basis of who I am as a person rather than actually refuting the points I raised. If they really had something to say more than saying that I am some insecure person who hides behind my words why can't they make their own contentions and use the comment form? The issue I heard they are pointing out is the fact that I should not write things that put the academy in the bad light like the bad things I observe. While its true that I do not agree with how some of the things are done here, I do not agree with them not because I just want to but because I think these practices do not have a place in this institution. Although its true that PMA will not change for me but I am hoping that PMA will change for the better, better than I found it. Even in our society, we find things that we do not agree, yet we do not isolate ourselves from it, we either take action or become adamant to what is happening around us. I believe that being adamant is the coward's way and I refuse to be one. I do not need to prove anything to anybody, what I write is an outflow of what I feel inside, this is who I am. People may not necessarily agree with what I do or write but they do not have the slighest right to judge me for it, they do not know anything about me. The people that criticize me haven't even read the whole blog and yet they pretend they know everything about me. I am not seeking popularity, what I am after is respect and consideration. The bottomline is we all have something to contribute to make things better and I believe this is mine. Don't worry I will not launch some revolution, I'm doing what I can at my level and just maybe in the long run I am able to make something out of it.
Sunday will be 27 August the day the incoming PMA class of 2011 will take their entrance exams. The examinations will cover English Grammar and Comprehension, Math and a Special PMA Aptitude Test. For more information visit this site.
I guess that is all for now, for comments just click the comment form below.... thanks and God Bless

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