Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Don't worry, be happy

When I sat in front of the computer, I was not in the mood to write anything. I was just passing time jumping from one website to another, browsing through friendster accounts, reading blogs and just doing what I felt was doing. I wanted to put myself in some zone for me to be able to write something really serious as I promised in my last post. I did discovered some things but was not able to go to that serious zone I was intending to be in, instead I find myself happy and so I decided to just write the reasons why I became happy all of a sudden.
My first stop was the rankings of Pinoytopblogs where I was monitoring my ranking. By some twist of fate I moved 20 ranks up. When I later checked traffic in Sitemeter I was surprised by the numbers of visitors I had in the last 24 hours from all over. Although some were random visitiors who found my blog by searching Diether Ocampo in Blogger (it's weird I know) most of them took time to really read through my entries. Some even came back several hours after which I could only assume is a good thing. Its really just too bad that my shout box is no longer in operation I would certainly want to know what these visitors thought about. I guess that started to make me smile.
My next stop were the friendster accounts of people I miss. I went to my friends list and just randomly clicked at the pictures of people. I read testimonial and viewed pictures. One testimonial caught my attention. It was Visayan and it was something about being "hubog" it was so funny that I ended up missing my dear cousin and tagay-mate Mai-mai. Personally, she is just one of the few reasons why I feel bad at not going on break when this semester ends in two weeks. I loved the picture of Nani jumping to the air in her jolly state with all smiles, I couldn't help but miss her bitchy remarks. Then there is Darius who posted wedding pictures, I thought all the while that he was the one being married. The thing with him is that his girlfriend was incidentally a classmate in my speech class back when I was still enrolled at Silliman. There is even the possibility that I met her first before Darius knew who she was. I could just remember our radio play about little red riding hood (that was fun). I am really hoping that you'll get to understand what I am talking about so I am trying my best to post the links to their friendster accounts. I know that the reason I consider all of what I am saying as fun is because I know this people personally and had lots of personal experience with them, but I really hope you'll understand what I am saying.
The one that really hyped up my happy meter are the new pictures posted by my crush (haha hindi ko na ipopost ang link ng friendster account nya). It just seems that she is so happy with her life now compared to the previous months where she was always lonely and sad to say bitter. I mailed her a letter yesterday and I am hoping she'll reply to me finally. I do not know although there are really times that I find myself funny writing her every week despite of her non reply but I still enjoy it. I maybe weird but at least I am enjoying my weirdness. I do not know what will happen in the end, I guess it will boil down to what God has in store for me.
So I'm still smiling. I'm smiling because of the realization that there are so many things to smile about, despite of me not going on break, despite of being huddled up in this sort of prison. The thing is happiness is everywhere, it comes from the appreciation of the blessings around us and the gratefulness of everything that God has given. We may not have the best of circumstances yet there is plenty of reasons to smile about. The incident this morning at the mess hall draws out this point. The Cadet First Captain was to command Batallions Rise (this is the command to mean that our meals are over and that its time to leave the mess hall). The music being played was not yet paused when he made this command. As he started his command, everyone sat in attention and the whole mess hall was quiet. Then the song erupted.... "Don't worry, be happy" There were giggles from all of us. I can not help it but relate it to my situation. Well you do the connection the thing is smile people... Don't worry.... BE HAPPY!!!

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