Sunday, September 24, 2006

Empires, Voices and Naruto

My eyes are already aching. I spent the whole afternoon in front of the computer trying to finish my project, I mean our class project. For some reason the task of making the class project for my history class fell on my lap and. I finally gave up after realizing that I have been looking into a computer monitor for more than 5 hours already. I will just have to finish doing the project tomorrow when both my eyes and mind has rested, I just hope that I can still catch up and pass the project on time.
The service at the church today was something that I particularly like. I do not know why but there was just something with the service today that got me. I remember how observant the guest pastor was even concluding that our church is an exciting one and I think I agree to what he said. But let me blow your bubble, I am not to write somethign abhout how spiritual it was because the thing that struck me the most in that service was the duet done by our Chaplain and his wife. I do not know, I just can not help it but think so much about romance, one good Christian even said that maybe I am not actually in love with another person but I am in love with falling in love. I began a serious thought on that remark earlier and somehow I think that it could be correct. But I am not saying that it is correct. As far as I am concerned I am really just going along with what I am feeling and hoping very hard that in time I will know exactly what to do. I am not forcing anything I am just enjoying whatever it is that I am feeling right now, if at some point I will understand what it is really that I am going through (maybe realize that I am just really being crazy and not in love) at least I am sure that I did not do things my way and just allowed things to happen as it should. Anyway I am not to talk about that, I am to talk about the duet of Chaps with his lovely wife.
I once said to another friend that if ever I get married, she would have to be someone who can sing. Not that I would want to marry someone who can belch like Regine Velasquez but I just love singing and I hate it when people are out of tune even if it is none of my business. I just thought that if I get stuck with someone who sounds very bad, I might commit suicide. That is why Chaplain and Tita Zeny (thats the name of his wife) singing a duet in church was something that I really loved. It wasn' t that I was daydreaming again, I just was mesmerized with how their voices blended together superbly as if it was some divine melody. I could sense just by listening to their voices that they really are a loving couple and it is not always that we get that feeling. It was as if their voice were pieces of a puzzle that just fit perfectly.
I have no more idea what to write, I guess my mind has drained after thinking of Industrialism in Asia for the whole afternoon and trying to ask myself why the Muslim Empires were defeated. I will rest my mind now, I will not think of Empires, maybe I will just watch my room mates current addiction... Naruto.... hehehe have a good day people....

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