Saturday, September 09, 2006

My daddy's difficulty

I do not want to write about love anymore, I'm thinking that I might get sick of it. I will just write about family. I guess I was bothered when suddenly my sister in law asks me "kung uso ba daw ang thank you sa family ko." I think there is some truth to what my sister in law was asking. With her question I just realized that my family is the type who barely say thank you to each other but there is more to that.
My father grew up in a family that had a very silent father and strict mother. I could remember how he tells us stories of how terrifying it was to commit something wrong and suffer the wrath of his mother. The thing that he was just confident of himself at that time was he was intelligent. I mean modesty aside my family on the father's side do have the brains. In his school in the province his andhis other sibling's names are written in some wall to honor how good they were when they were studying there. Having both parents as teachers, there was simply no excuse to perform badly in academics. Other than that my father had nothing too much to boast of and he grew up not really being able to nurture some social skills (I guess, I really do not know). Being in that kind of family he wasn't much of a vocal person like me, it will take some time before he will really speak out and tell you what he feels, most of the time he expects you to read between the lines. That was my father, my mother on the other hand was always keen on expression. She would say I love yous every now and then and to some point I got that from her. So on the issue that my family is not so good at thank yous is not true they are just not vocal about it especially to people within their family. The truth is, especially daddy, he is just not so good at showing affection to his family but he is affectionate. You can hear him talking about us to all of his friends, to people that he met proudly declaring how good his children are. He does not say that he appreciates some things and yet he shows it by being proud of it. For a time, that was also my struggle with him, I always felt that I wasn't appreciated by my father enough. Later on, as I meet people that he knows personally, I blush at how flattering his descriptions of me to these people. I realize that he is just like that.
I do not know how long my sister in law will realize that thing with Daddy, but I hope she will. Despite of Daddy's shortcomings, I know Daddy is one of the most lovable persons in this world you will just have to take note of certain things regarding his personality. I hope my sister in law reads this. I guess we all have problems in the family but as I always say, we never as in NEVER give up on family......

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