Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A 7 minute blog

I do not have much time to really write. My watch says that I have around 7 minutes. The whole day was so packed with so many activities and there was just no time to spend some time and really write something. So just bear with what I can come up with the little time and the speed of my fingers.
My legs are aching after running the 5 kilometer route after resting for so long. It was to begin the series of roadruns that we will have in the next coming days that is part of the two week long Leadership Enhancement Program that all of us are going through. In the afternoon we reviewed the battle drills and had fun throwing "grenades" at the plebes and observing how they react. Then just moments ago, I had to go through this session where I was to discuss important subjects regarding training to my fourthclass squadmates. Tomorrow will be an symposium about the Philippine Air Force as if they can convince me to join them instead of the Army. I really just hope that I can find time to do things that I want to do like writing my letters and blogging.
A friend of mine called this morning and asked me to write about the Project ISLAM. I gave him a copy of the article about the project that was to appear in the next Corps Magazine. He wanted me to have something shorter as his requirement is only about 1000 words. I am thinking of making the article more personal touching on the angle on being a soldier, a Christian and of course the effects of war. I'll see what I can think of
Well time is up... babush....

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