Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Losing my mind in script writing

I'm losing my mind. Just when I thought I will have some free time, the reality of how busy I am sets in. Last week, I was complaining about our Leadership Enhancement Period which I can only describe as boring. I nursed a painful body last week because of the activities hoping that everything will come to an end. Just before lunch this afternoon, I was told that I was already to be excused from this Leadership chuva so that I can finally have time to make the script for this year's 100th Nite Show. I tried putting the details to my storyline, losing my sanity in the process, and my other requirements prodding me to do them. In the end, I was wishing that I'd rather have a painful body. I'm blogging now to rejuvenate myself so that I can go back to my old self.
I was writing earlier about the PMA Core values as a requirement to the Commandant. I reckon that he wants to assess our appreciation to the initiatives that they are implementing. Writing it kind of allowed me to also assess myself as to my appreciation to these Core Values. I was thinking of my training, of how I have been from the time I was a fourthclass up to now. I was comparing my psyche then to the way I think of things now. I realized that I have been more positive to learning now thanbefore. I felt that even if I do not necessarily like everything that is happening to me as a cadet. I mean, this blog will definitely prove how frustrated I am on several occassions to the point that some people are even wondering why I am in PMA in the first place. But I am still here and as I read those entries, I am just amazed with how it has been wondering if was it really me who have gone through all of it. Going back to the values, I realized that it is not just important that we are told why these values are important, it is even of greater importance that we learn to experience practicing these values day to day to understand its implication first hand. I learned that the reason for my change of person is because the experiences that I have been through forced me to change even without me knowing. The lesson is, always find the lesson in everything so that the experiences we go through will not be a missed opportunity into becoming a better person.
As the days pass, the rumors are getting more and more reliable and I am beginning to believe that I just might go to break. I am still not that convinced but nobody is stopping me from being hopeful. I am just crossing my fingers and maybe, just maybe, I can relax a while and enjoy myself a little bit away from the pressures of being a cadet.
In a few days, a something special will happen, at least for me (hehehe). I am intending to write something special on that day just as I always do in the previous years. For those who remembered keep it to yourself, I am wishing that you will just send it here.... Well that is still in the few days... for the meantime, I will go back to my script writing in the barracks...

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