Monday, November 20, 2006

The Field Trip (Introduction to a four-part series)

I arrived last night from a very fun filled Field Trip for my Environmental Science Class. I enjoyed it a lot considering that I did not go on break, seeing other people that do not wear the uniform gave me something to be happy about.
Anyway, I have decided to write everything that happened in that trip. I am dividing it into four parts , the first of which will come out tomorrow, if I will have time to write about it. I am still getting all the pictures that I need for the write-up.
To start with, as a somewhat introduction, I will begin to write about the trip as a whole. Personally, there was this sense of urgency in the issues that were brought up in the trip. Although I was more interested in just leaving PMA and have some fun, the idle time inside the bus while going to the next destination became a venue for me to think about what was discussed to me in the sites that we went to. I was not able to resist the temptation of asking the resource speakers questions and express my own opinions regarding their advocacy. Somehow, there was this realization that everything is connected, that no matter how hard we try to find a life, even if we do not care about everything else, it will haunt us. Life should always be in moderation and be lived in a balance that comprises everything that makes this world.. the world.
And so I formally begin this series. In the next four entries, I will write about some realizations in the recent Field Trip that I have. I will write about the thing that I felt on the issues that they brought up. I will write about realizations and some personal decisions that I made in my own. I think the thing tha I can do to help them in some way is to just write about it even here in my little abode in the cyber space. Of course, I will still write about it in other avenues possible, but of course I can not write them all. So this is the introduction to a four part series (so there will be five in the series including this one... ????).
But of course let me just highlight some of the things that happened. These are the things that I may not have a reason to include in the other four write-ups that I will do. The pictures that do not fit... here it is:This was a picture taken from Candaba, Pampanga where we had a nice time bird watching. The Mountain is Mount Arayat and the sun was just about to set when this was taken

This is another picture but a glimpse of the sunset. A few minutes after this, the birds started flying in big groups and it was a very beautiful scenery.

We wondered how this fight was going to be. When I passed this poster in SM Pampanga, I just have to take a picture, the boxing fever was still on even if we knew we will not be able to see the match... true enought Pacquiao won.

If you think water is life, then take a look at this picture. This was the water that I and my other classmates had to use in taking a bath. After one whole day of going around, our bodies just felt so dirty and it was hot considering that we were "highlanders." Initially, we did not want to use the water but it was unavaoidable and so we did. At least we were not drinking it. The funny thing is that long after all the soap was removed from our bodies, it was still slippery.

We had this accident somewhere in Pangasinan. The bus in our rear collided with our bus (we were in front). It was a case of a bus driver going on auto pilot (if you know what I mean). It was a good thing that the bus was our other contingent. Sadly, it was another PMA bus that collided with a PMA bus. There are more "grueling" pictures of this damaged bus but I'd rather not show it.This is the Final Picture. I sure did not dream of being a Tricycle driver but the moment I saw the tricycle, it was as if it was calling out my name saying, "Come take a picture." Seeing this afterwards, I thought that I sure did not look bad if I was to become a tricycle driver.

Well, that's it for now, tomorrow will be the first in the series.

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