Sunday, November 05, 2006

Going back to normal and women in general

The(ir) break ends and everything goes back to normal. All of us go back to our regular duties, the mess hall becomes mess hell again for the plebes and a new semester begins tomorrow for me. Everything goes to an end and another one begins.
I really do not know what to write about. My mind is actually preoccupied on making the perfect gift and of course the upcoming Corps Magazine. I am also thinking of December break so that my unfulfilled desires will be realized. These are the desires I was imagining inside the comforts of Regis Hall or touring around Fort del Pilar in my M14 rifle. The few days that I had all the time to think about things kind of allowed me to look back causing me to write more about the past (i.e high school) I guess I too had my own break, it was a period of contemplating about things and be reinvigorated by it.
Earlier today, I was reading the column of Wilson Flores in the Philippine Star. He was talking about women being the primary movers in this country. Even with my male bias, I somehow agree. He cited the vendors (mostly women) who support their families even with the meager income they get. I have heard many success stories of women and the common factor in all of them was the resilience of the woman's spirit. Although our society is patriarchal, there is something in our culture that has this consderation for women as key player in all our affairs. Our culture is not like the some other cultures which generally considers women as inferior on the other hand, although we tend to recognize the dominance of men we have developed a strong tolerance to women in general such that their efforts are even supported. I noticed that in most cases, the Filipino male's pride is not at all affected with the success of their female companion. Of course there are cases that are in the news but generally there are more untold stories of a harmonious partnership between the male and the female Filipino even if the female is somehow more influential or powerful in a sense. I am not really credible to support my claim but it is just a conclusion basing from the many people that I've known. I, for one, would want a partner who is independent, thinks freely and has a strong sense of conviction. I am not at all intimidated by assertive women, it is in fact something that attracts me.
Well speaking of women, since I have already begun with assertive women and how it attracts me, let me just go into that topic. I seem to have this inclination towards women who are achievers. Although I want a partner that is submissive I do not like her to be reserved especially in her personality. There is actually no contradiction there because in reality we just have to fulfill our roles. I will have to fulfill my role as a husband to my wife when the time comes while I also have to perform my role as an officer in the Armed Forces. My biggest fear at first was that those roles are incompatible basing from my experience with my father. But then I also have friends whose fathers although officers in the Armed Forces were good ones. I am often told that one of the most important decisions I will make if I wanted a successful career in the Armed Forces was my choice of a lifetime partner. The more I am able to understand myself now, I am beginning to accept that the person has to be someone who has an mind of her own. Let me give more time to think about that and perhaps I can write one whole entry about that.
So that's all for now....

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