Thursday, November 16, 2006


It is a very sad today. I have a major exam tomorrow on my Law class whose coverage is around 200 pages of laws and cases plus I was told that I have to make an incident report regarding the marks made when I kicked a plebe under the table last week.
I can not help myself but think about these things. I am not so much worried with the exam, its the incident report that I am afraid of. A few days ago, my squadmate bade me farewell after he was suspended in another maltreatment case. He made his explanation (a somewhat incident report) and then all of a sudden he was ordered suspended. That is the reason why I am so worried with this incident report, I just do not know what will happen out of it. I tried making one earlier but after reading it again, it was as if I am doomed thus my sadness now.
I do not really deny being responsible for the marks on her shins (the plebe was female and most of us here believe that the marks only appeared because of her "delicate" physiology). But before jumping to any conclusions I will have to state for the record that there was no intention of actually hitting her. I was hitting the foot of the chair trying to coerce her into answering my questions about something. I was trying to draw the point of her telling the truth and she refuses to do so. I guess, her legs got hit causing the marks.
Again I claim responsibility, I am just afraid that I will not be given the chance to really defend myself and I'd rather not allow it to prosper. I was at fault but there was never an intention to hurt her or try anything to that effect to any of the plebes. I am doing my job as to how I know it and if at some point I have done something wrong at least allow me to defend myself.
I am afraid that there is a possibility that I will bid goodbye to PMA. I have been in the same situation once and I will not go through it again. I know I have been good and that is why I can not help it but be sad with what is happening. Lord Help me!!!

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pinky said...

I take it that by the time you read this comment, the issue has been settled. All I can say is that, it's really good of you to take responsibility, I have to commend how you are owning up to what happened.

Hey, girls can get marks all the time, no worries. Knowing you, Alex, you'll get through this