Monday, November 06, 2006

My hero... NOT

A few weeks ago I was tasked to write something about a certain officer who was awarded by the Civil service Comission for exemplary performance in Public Service. This was important because he was the first soldier to be given such award and a PMA graduate at that. Last week, he saw me and asked about what I wrote. I was afraid with his apporach because it seemed that I did something wrong against him. Apparently, he received text messages from people who have already read the write-up and he became curious. Early this evening I gave him a print out of the write-up and his comment was... "hindi ka nagresearch ng maayos"

The truth is, the officer I was referring to is not something that I exactly like. Except for the fact that his achievements as a junior officer is, well, admirable, I do not admire him as a person. He was in fact the same person that I earlier wrote about for being so proud of what he has become. I realized that no matter how good you are at what you do, your personality still counts and will in fact and at some point, be a turn=off in a general sense. And so there I was contemplating on what he meant when he said that I did not research to well. I definitely do not have the intention to glamourize him nor had any intention to elevate him what the hell was he talking about?

I have this inkling that he wants a write-up that would make him appear a hero of some sort. Well to an extent some heroes are only heroic because of how they were portrayed. The thing with this is that it is only true when the writer sees the person as a hero, which sad to say is not what I see in him. I actually see him as a proud bastard who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. My opinion right now about him was that any true blooded PMA graduate can achieve what he has achieved if they were in the same situation that he was. Call me bias but as I said, personality matters... as in a lot.

I will never really like all of my superiors. I will find people who will get into me and I can not do anything about but feel bad and, of course, write about them in my blog. I really hope that he reads this, I hope that he understands that to most people and impressive accomplishment is not really that impressive. My hero is someone who waits to be acknowledged and has his feet firmly on the ground whatever he has become or has accomplished... and definitely he does not fall into that category.

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