Monday, November 13, 2006

Things that I am hoping for

I am trying to find my writing mood. I have to write so many things and time is running out for me. The thing with me is that if I force myself to just write, I do not produce good results, but then waiting is just not an option, I have to write now and I am looking for an inspiration just hoping that the mood will come to me.
But I will just have to blog now. It has been a while since I wrote something in this blog. As I said, I had to write so many things, that is not withstanding the recognition of the plebes last week plus of course the new semester that has started. But really, I have so many things to share now, especially that there had been so many things that occupied my mind since the last time I wrote something in this blog. Forgive me for not blogging that much, but I will try my best to make up for it.
Let me begin by saying how fun it has been. Although tiring, it seems that there are just so many reasons for me to smile about. For one, things are looking up as the next break draws nearer. This time I am joining it and will spend Christmas at home. On the weekend I will go on a Field Trip for my Environmental Science Subject. I would like to call it my break because finally I am leaving PMA after so many months. I just hope that we will go to beautiful places and have a lot of fun.
So far, the Academics is not showing some problems although there is one subject that I am taking now that we classify as "Dangerous". Last year, there were 13 who had to leave for failing the subject, I wonder how will I fare now. I am still able to cope up with the lesson and I am praying hard that it will be the same for the rest of the semester. Although I do not know really how it will be, I am just crossing my fingers... sana.
I am now trying to write something about making a difference. Its for some contest that I was commissioned to join by my Editor. I am not very sure yet what to write about although so many ideas are now running through my mind. I am hoping that by the time this evening ends I will find the inspiration and start writing about it.
Well everything that I am writing about are just the things that I hope for. I do not know what to write really because as I said, I am waiting for inspiration. I am happy that the people that I care about are happy and I am happy that I am happy, I guess that is enough reason to be happy (that's confusing) I have to end now, I decided to find the inspiration outside of the Computer Laboratory away from the tit tats of the keyboard. I promise to write something worthwhile in due time.... I love you people

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confessions from a cheap motel said...

i read somewhere that a writer should have the discipline to write. write even if you have no inspiration, write just for the heck of writing. dont worry about the grammar, the construction. just put the pen on the paper (or fingers on the keyboard) and write.

you can always edit what you wrote later. blogging is a good exercise for that discipline. tingnan mo blogs ko, walang construction, mali mali grammars hehe

ang haba na nito ah...