Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Blog out of Baguio

I haven't written in this blog for the longest time. I am just so busy. I am now in Manila doing the lay-out of the Corps Magazine. Finally, I have come to the point that we are the ones who call the shots for the issue. This is the traditional transitory issue where those who will succeed the ruling class are given the chance to practice doing the magazine. It has been a very good learning experience, being able to really get the feel how it is really done.
The good side of doing the magazine is that I was able to go home. Finally after beig incarcerated in Baguio for the l0ngest time, I find myself in Manila and was able to see my family. Tomorrow life will go back to being a cadet, I will again don my cadet uniform. I will just wait for the real break in two weeks time.
I really do not have something big to blog about. I just realized that I miss blogging. I miss talking to myself and I miss this blog. Collecting articles, pictures, editing, conducting meetings and many other things has drained my system. It was a good thing now that I am able to relax and be able to write. I am sorry if I am not making any sense, I am jus trying my best to enjoy every bit of my experience away from the Philippine Military Academy. I promise to write a better entry some other time... and yes I plan to do the remaining parts of my series on the places I went to during the Environmental Science Trip.
I love you people....

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