Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I already started writing an entry last night but then there was a brown out, so I have to remember my thought last night and write it all over again.
For the record, I would liek to state that I have somewhat recovered from my frustration. Somewhat because I still feel bad thinking about it but now I am not that depressed and looking forward to working again. As originally projected, everything was on schedule and although I may not get credit from it, I am still proud that it was my achievement no matter how many people will complain or react that I am being proud. Please allow me to feel a sense of fulfillment for something that I did.
Anyway, I would like to blog about blogging per sec. I have always claimed that this is where I pour everything that I feel. I have often caused reactions both good and bad but this is how I am. I feel bad over things that I aspire for and do not get, I become bored and I come up with absurd ideas. The thing is I have the right to write about these things even if my grammar is not exactly perfect and even if people will perceive me negatively. This blog presents the real me, totally unadulterated. In this blog, I am free. I am not a cadet bounded by rigid rules, nor I am some sick person who longs for acceptance or recognition. I am being myself and if you do not like me then don't trouble yourself with reading what I have to say, there are more than enought websites out there that you can go to that has what you want to read about. The truth is it doesn't matter much how people react to anything that I write, I write because it is my form of expression... PERIOD.
Well, the break is in a week's time and I am very excited to be free at last. I have so many things in mind right now and am contemplating of planning out what I want to do during the period. I know Christmas will be fun this year and I am looking forward to another wonderful year ahead. Time flies so fast and by January I would have blogged in blogspot for 2 years, all in all Ang Munting Bukayo is 5 years old, imagine that!!!
There are so many things that want to talk about but there seems to be not enough time to contemplate and organize those things in my head. I will try to organize those little by little and write about it. I have just finished watching Lovers in Paris. By the way, Mitch Albom's new book For one more day is a good read, I was in tears reading it.
That's all for now... I love you people and Merry Christmas...

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