Monday, January 15, 2007

The Revelation

After a meeting with my Tactical Officer, I received the best news as far as this year is concerned, I just might get through all my problems in one piece.
I promised not to give out details about that problem in this blog and I will abide with that. In the past days, I have encountered a lot of emotions that contend me as I try to deal with my situation. I just had to talk to people and the more I talk about it, the more I understand the situation in relation to how I have become as a person. Yesterday, I was talking to Grace saying that the things that happened in my life have prepared me to face this challenge now. It seemed that although I felt bad with how things happened, I have somehow stored enough faith on things that I am able to go through this whole experience although trembling in fear but with a renewed hope each day. I was not asking for a miracle, I was asking for a revelation on who I am as a person and that is what I got.
You see, I learned that in everything that happens to a life of a person, there is just something that will allow us to exceed our own person and come out a better one. I learned now that my principles stands, although sometimes attacked viciously, as my constant reminder of who I am as a person. It defines me and how I defend it will definitely become a turning point in my life. I do not know how things are in this world. At one point we think that everything is just against us but then again in the end what will matter is the kind of person we are at that point in time and how far are we willing to go to allow God to reveal to us His purpose. In the end we become better people... it really is just a matter of faith.
Well, I am running out of time, I hope to write again about the subject in the future. The bottom line is, God is always Good.... I love you people

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