Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Silly things and renewed hope

There are plenty of reasons why I write silly things in my blog. One, there are just times that I have silly thoughts that I can not allow to dwell in me. Another is the fact that what kind of person I am if I can not be silly at times. There are still others that I can think of if really I try but I am happy with the two because honestly, writing this entry, I just want to be silly.
My room mates Ipod was borrowed last weekend and it has not been returned yet. The result is that no High School Musical sountrack playing inside our room. I kind of missed it over the weekend but have kind of forgotten all about it when our intramurals began yesterday. My major participation is really just cheering for my company during games but yesterday I kind of felt like joining the hard part of the games. I joined my female classmate when she had the running part of the duathlon (the events are swimming and running) I do not exactly recall how fast we were running the 5.5 kilometer stretch of the gate and back but I enjoyed it considering that I am having a hard time catching my breath in running these days. I am trying my best to run everyday hoping to regain my endurance and to shed of some of the weight I am gaining. I'm sad that all the fats I burned last summer somehow found its way back into my body and I have to take an effort to shed it off again. I am trying my best not too eat too much and take some time to run as often as I could (my initial goal now is to run 5 kilometers a day). Anyway, my life is somehow normal without me really feeling that bad compared to a few weeks ago. I am hoping this will continue.
Now, let me change the topic. Last night, I had an animated chatting session with a friend in Manila. I was telling her about the text message I received from a very special girl in my not so distant past. I was sharing to her how surprised I was because in her text she was like telling me that I was not texting her. To be honest I did, but she did not reply so I guess there was no reason to keep on trying. Well, last sunday it was different. Maybe out of the blue she had nothing to do and she did sent me a text message that reminded me of the wonderful past that we once shared. I have to admit that I was happy that she wanted to get in touch because I did have happy memories with her, but then again it wasn't like I was thrilled. I had so many things going on and somehow placing her in it is totally out of the picture. I guess she will just remain to be a happy memory. Last night, just before I went to sleep, I admitted to my friend (the one I was chatting) that I did love her and perhaps it will never change, she will always be special no matter what but life goes one and she is not part of it for me. I'm not being rude I am just being realistic. I am looking forward to her invitation of seeing me when I get the chance to go out and I am hoping that would be soon.
Anyway, let me also share an insight about something that happened last week. I was actually losing patience over this girl I am writing to every week. I have been contemplating whether or not I was being patient or I was just being dense. Then last monday, something happened. It was one of those ideas where we ask everyone in our phonebook to greet someone special for a special occassion. I wasn't that thrilled because I knew she sent the same message to tons of her friends. But being the "good person" that I am I complied and had some few text messages with her parents. I just have to tell them that their daughter was such a wonderful person. Finally, when I was about to sleep, I kind of remembered the times when I had to escort her around the mall. I remembered the time in SM Baguio when she was looking for some pasalubong for her brother. Then I remembered how she talks about her family and that she just exudes so much joy while she is at it. In one remark I vividly remember when I was in Lipa, she told me not to worry if I get lost anyway "pulis naman si papa." Then it made sense. I guess one can not find someone who values her family so much that it shows in the way she does things. At the point where I was contemplating on how to find the patience I need to go on pursuing her, I found it in one single text message. I slept very comfortably that night with renewed hope.
It has been a while since I was able to write something this long and I am hoping I will have plenty of entries like this. I think this year will be better for me despite of its bad start. I was not into reading last year. I only read Mitch Albom's For One More Day and it was mostly because I can not help it but feel guilty giving it away without having the chance to read it (I read it on the bus going to Baguio and finished somewhere in Pangasinan). Just today though, I just finished my second book in 4 days and I have started a new one. I really feel that its a good sign, I am going back to normal. Well, I am beginning to sound weird I will just have to write more about these things in the future. I love you people

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