Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So this is how it is during winter

Yesterday, I heard from the news that Baguio registered ten degrees which was a torture to most of us. We had to close all of our windows and cover ourselves with blankte just to get through the night. I, for one, expected this because January and February are usually the coldest months here but its just colder this year. Then later, there was a weather news from CNN, surprisingly, New York registered sixteen degrees which means Baguio is colder. I then said to my room mates "Ganito pala pag winter sa ibang bansa" then going near the iron which we used as a makeshift heater.
Well the cold weather can bring about so many thing. For one, no matter how "unsleepy" you are you just can't help but fall asleep because of the weather. I was listening intently earlier in my Statistics class, already feeling bored because the lesson was something I already knew. Instead, I started to solve my assignment so that I will not have to do it in the barracks. I wrote the formula, punched some numbers in my calculator, write the result and then do it all over again. I became so preoccupied with what I was doing when suddenly, I heard my whole class saying out my name. Finally, my seatmate touched my back and then I was awakened. My paper had no writings in it and my calculator was turned off... well blame it to the weather.
Aside from that, waking up becomes harder. Imagine when you have become so comfortable inside your blanket where it is warm and comfy and you can feel the coldness creeping from beyond your covered body. When my room mates begin to start making their noise at 5:30 in the morning, its as if I would want to just totally disappear and be let alone to sleep. Of course, I can't because after sometime I really had to wake up and change into my uniform. Surprisingly taking a bath is different. I do not know if it is scientifically possible but it just seems that the water in the sink is warmer than the climate. My theory is that because of the very cold environment the water was not able to catch up. Although the water is still called, your body becomes warmer afterwards only that you start to chill again as soon as the cold air blows to your body.
But all in all the weather did not stop me from doing what had to be done. The day goes on with its normal routine and I can just hope that this weather will be warmer in the coming days. So this is how it is during winter, I am kind of wishing that snow will start falling tomorrow just for the sake of experience. Anyway, so this is how cold it is in Baguio, in case you people would want to take a vacation here do bring your thickest jackets....

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