Sunday, January 07, 2007

The testing of faith and restoration of relationships

I call this experience a test of faith and a restoration of relationships. In the last days, I have had the most fearful episode of my life that I spent most of my time alone crying to myself. I was so afraid of the things that will happen especially that the thing that I love so much, my cadetship, is threatened. Although it is not over yet, by this time I am beginning to see the light and have realized how God has worked in me through this even as I write this entry now.
I haven't been writing so much about faith these past days. When this blog started way back in 2001, almost all my entries were realizations about life and how God has manifested Himself in the things that I do. Lately though, my life has been complacent and most of my thoughts revolved around my frustrations, the things that I want to do and of course the usual way of trying to be interesting being the PMA cadet writing in a blog. I did not notice how I have stagnated in experiencing and practicing my faith to the point that it seemed I do not appreciate all the blessings that I am experiencing. This was my reminder.
Cadetship for me is a highlight in my life. Not only that I struggled to be here (the story is somewhere in the early archives), there was a time that God some kind of told me that this is where he wanted me to be. Not that I expect people to believe me that I heard some voice, but my confidence in my stay here is founded on that promise. I am now on my third year, and since then I have learned so much that each day I am beginning to embrace this profession more and more. Along the process also, my confidence level has increased, sometimes to the point of being proud, simply because I heard a voice. What I have forgotten is that more than a promise, this was in fact a gift from God that I should take care of and should not be complacent about. I realized this now and I had to be reminded the hard way.
Coming back from my Christmas Break last January 2, I was called by a superior and then it seemed that everything might just be taken away. Going back to my room, I spent the next 2 hours crying over it and being so fearful, I was not prepared for my cadetship to be taken away even the thought of it makes me really afraid. It was obvious in my previous entries but I tried my best to live out my faith. I started to pray a lot, read the bible more and asked people to pray for me also. I asked counsel from people that I admire and evaluated myself so that I can deal with this problem. I did not have the choice and I told myself that I will face this problem head-on believing that I will get what I deserve. It was a leap of faith and the biggest that I took in the past years. I started to organize my thoughts and prepared to defend myself. The issue occupied everything of me that I spend so much of my time thinking how to answer questions once the investigation begins. I also imagined scenarios and how to go about them. Finally, I prayed and asked people to pray for me. I wasn't myself in the past days and everytime I am left alone, I begin to cry and talk to God.
The other day, while I was expressing my fears to my father through text messaging I realized something. You see, I have had the most difficult relationship with my father. Growing up, I blamed so much of what has happened to my life to him and it was only lately that I started to patch things up for them. But being here in PMA, I really do not have so much opportunity to bond with him and I do not feel comfortable being mushy with him in text messages and letters. I realized that this was my opportunity(and his also) to show how I love him. In our exchange of text messages, I realized that I felt good as he comforts me and guides me with what I can do. I felt that in this testing of my faith, we had the opportunity to show how much love we have for each other. After a few exchanges, I wasn't very much concerned anymore with my problem rather I was more concerned of telling him how happy I was that he was with me in this crisis and how he has made a difference in the way things are no matter how things will end up. Amidst my problem, God was restoring a relationship that had to be restored so that I can be a better person.
Things have not yet settled although it is looking up. Last night, I received some wonderful counsel and had some concrete assurance that everything will turn out well. But more than my problem being resolved, there are more lessons that I learned. I now consider this experience as God's way of testing my faith and restoring my relationship with my father. I am now truly thankful that He allowed me to go through this experience. My fears now are not as big as before. Although I find myself still wondering every now and then, what has become so obvious in this whole experience is that God manifesting himself amidst trials and assuring me that everything is in his control. This afternoon, I had the most comfortable sleep since I went back from Christmas break. Amidst my problems, God does comfort those who put their faith in Him.
For each of us, we will have moments in our lives where everything will be shaken. We will have to come into terms with realities that we are not ready to confront and yet do not have the choice. But in all these things, I now learned that in each of the trials, problems, temptations and other bad things that happens in our lives is an opportunity for God to manifest Himself and work in our lives. I now learned that no matter how things are the best way to deal with things is put our faith in God, allow him to manifest Himself and let Him do His wonder. I am so much excited of how things will end and somehow I am hoping that a lesson or two can be learned from my experience. God does work in mysterious ways.
Thank you God!!!

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