Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blog on a busy life

It has been a while since I was last able to really blog. My last entry was a short storyu that I wrote almost two years ago having decided to post some perviously written articles every now and then. But really, there are just times that I just want to write something in this blog. I just wasn to spit things out and clear up my mind. For some reason this is some kind of a theraphy.
The week has been so busy that I was not able to do some of the thigns that I promised to do. Coming from the hectic alumni homecoming, I thought life would be better not knowing that more is still to come. There is just so many deadlines to meet, projects to do and so many requirements to finish. I have never been this busy in school before and suprisingly I was able to manage. There is still one more multimedia presentation that I need to finish by wednesday, after that its finals week, Graduation week and then finally I am growing another stripe... Imagine I'll finally be in my firstclass year, my last year as cadet. Its surreal but I guess time just flies so fast and the responsibility is little by little dawning in my system. I am beginning to be worried whether or not I will be able to do a good job. We will just have to see.
I am not so sure if I will share this in my blog but somehow I think this will come out in my system so I would rather just put it out. My family is in the rocks again over some stupid thing that one of the people in it did. I will not put any details but this is some trial that people are getting worried about. Not that I am not concerned its just that to a certain point this is familiar territory so I am able to handle it better than the others. I do not know how it really is in the household since I am here but with the stories I am hearing, I am thinking that everyone is in some rough ride. I can just hope and pray that they will be able to go through it thriumpahntly.
I hate to admit it but with the many things that happened, I was not able to write my letter. this is the second week and I am beginning to worry how this thing is being interpreted by the girl who should be receiving this letters. There is just too much to do and I am really looking forward to being able to recover and do something really great for her. I do not know what it is but it is something. The thing is despite the many different developments in my life, she is becoming more and more important. Its something that I do not really understand but there is just this feeling of relief when my thoughts begins to dwell on her. This maybe some crazy thing, I really do not know but with everything that is happening, this is indeed a good spice that keeps my life more bearable despite everything. About a few days ago I reread this letter that I wrote last year for her that I did not send. The letter was so much full of emotions that I never thought I had in me. Somehow it describes all the emotions I am trying to hide because of the obvious gap that we have due to the distance and really not knowing each other. I guess what I am saying is that the adventure continues and just like what I always say in the many things that happen in my life, the wonders will reveal itself in due time... the key is patience.
I am stopping now, I will have to go back to the many things I have to do... I love you people....

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