Saturday, February 03, 2007

It is not always that I listen to a speech from our usual visitors every saturday that I end up thinking about what that guest said. Today is definitely one of those rare moments. For some reason listening to a four star general talking about his "rotment" as a cadet in the Philippine Military Academy and then concluding by saying "NO AMOUNT... I'M NOW THE CHIEF PNP" kind of gives so much hope in whatever rotment it is that I am feeling everyday that I spend here. I think this blog has been a witness to the many complains I have, from the simplest to the silliest. I always defend myself that although I complain, it is just my way of releasing the building up tension inside me. This afternoon, when I went out of the mess hall, I kind of thought that maybe the general speaking in front just moments ago might have had the same feeling that I always have but still he persisted. And that may have been true to all the other generals in the hall that afternoon. In the end, came back to my room having a renewed sense of hope and realizing that each day that I move on brings me closer to my goal. Maybe in the not so distant future, I will be able to say to myself... "NO AMOUNT!!!"
I actually have tons to do. In my front is a folder that has something to do with a class project that has been unofficially delegated to me to do. I also have a lot of things to write for some other requirements. The irony is that although I am aware of all this, it seems that I do not have the will to do what I have to do. I end up staring at the computer screen and jumping from one friendster account to another. I then start missing people and become sentimental and then write about it in this blog (just right now) Maybe its because I do not have someone to talk to like I had Yaser way back in the days that I did not wear the cadet uniform. Maybe because I try my best not to deal with my problems and just hope for the better. Or maybe I am just stressed up that I can not concentrate on accomplishing my tasks. I do not know but I really have to gather myself and start going back to what I am supposed to do.
Imagine the irony of what I am writing, first its about hope and then suddenly I am talking about losing focus... something is definitely wrong with me. Anyway, the article will soon come out just be patient... Goodbye people....

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