Thursday, March 08, 2007

Amusing Blogs: the Bitch Goddess, Unraveled

It has been a while since I wrote about blogs that has caught my fancy. This is because there hasn't been one lately. Finally, I have this one -- The Bitch Goddess, Unraveled

The world that we have now is so full of images and perceptions that in some way dictate the kind of person we should be. Our society is so full of dictates that do not only limit our actions but judge us according to how perceptions are formed about us. The point of blogging is that it allows the blogger to celebrate their individuality without fear of judgment.
In the Bitch Goddess, the author makes a statement of being Bitchy and stands proud of it. In a society where people perceive someone "bitchy" as a negative thing, its a wonder how she can make a statement out of it... and a good statement at that. It is not a question of how she lives her life or what her belief system is, it is about developing that confidence in oneself enough to live out a kind of person according to the dictates of our hearts and not according to society. I am not an advocate of whatever statement she makes but I am an advocate of people who have the sense of individuality to be the person that they truly are.
She chronicles events in her life that to an ordinary person can be uninteresting, yet the story telling gives us the glimpse of how these events define the person that she is in the way she relates her feeling and of course the course of action that she takes. I could sense that there is talent in her writing but more than that I am sure she writes well because what she writes about are things that are close to her heart.
Anyway, just visit the blogsite... this really is a good one...

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TheBitchGoddess said...

Hi. I was checking my stats and saw that a lot of the links came from this site. Thank you very much for the warm review/recommendation. You understand my essence and what I'm all about. I appreciate that. Thank you again.