Monday, March 05, 2007


I just received a comment asking permission to include my blog on his bloglist. Upon reading the contents of that blog I kind of realized how I have not been writing so much about issues not related to my life. I mean I do have my own opinions about things tha I have written before its just that in as far as my intellectual status is concerned those things are not really in my immediate concern... until now!!!

In the documentary that I orchestrated for my law class, we tackled the issue on the role of the military in the elections. This issue was a result of the Memorandum of Agreement signed last 12 October to specify the roles of the military in the elections so as not to have a repeat of the controversies that has hounded the organization in the past. Aside from wanting to get a good grade for the subject, the whole process of really making that documentary was in fact also a learning experience.

For the purpose of putting credibility, I chose to interview two people who have knowledge regarding in the mechanics of the elections in this country. One was a lawyer who once served for the Commission on Elections as a Regional Attorney, and the other was a military officer who was a Company Commander during previous elections. Well I will not be dealing much with what they have said since I will be posting the documentary in this website. Instead, I will go over some questions that struck me as a soldier and as a Filipino as I throw questions to cover all aspects of the documentary I was making.

In a hypothetical question, I asked our lawyer interviewee about the possibility of doing damage to the electoral process if indeed the soldiers wants to. The answer was a yes and it just made me think if there has really been instances that it has been done in the past.

At this point of my training, there is never a day that responsibility keeps on bothering me. With my impending promotion to the top of the cadet hierarchy in 14 days time, I can't help it but fear the amout of responsibility I am expected of as an Immaculate (that's what we call the graduating cadets). Even in an acting capacity now with the graduating cadets in their OJT, I can't help it but just wish that life is easier. Now the point is of why I am saying is that I have all the chance to do what I please as I go up in the ladder of the cadet hierarchy. This phenomenon will not stop here because when I finally (hopefully really) graduate come 2008, there will be more of that power. I will have armed soldiers under my authority, the necessary logistical capability and of course I will be influential. This then draws us back to the point of whether or not those in the position to do something really did something. The thought makes me worried but I know that I will have to come into terms with that reality, believing that the charaater that I will form this early in my career as a soldier will become the foundation of the character I will exhibit as a military officer. Just as the reality of choosing my branch of service will determine the outcome of my life, the reality of facing and handling responsibility will define me as a person. I just hope that at the time of reckoning, I will be true to my oath as a soldier and to the creed of my alma mater... I know I will... I hope I can!!!

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